How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Range

How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Range

A major problem generally arises during WiFi internet connection is that even the best routers can’t cover a big enough area. So if you want to enjoy your WiFi connection over a long area, than you can use this cool gadgets, which are generally known as WiFi Extenders.

WiFi extenders are the signal boosters, that multiply the signal send over the routing device to a wider area, both unidirectional or multidirectional.

They are mounted on our WiFi router’s antenna and boost the signal directly from the source. They also create a new Hotspot around them.

One of the biggest advantage of this Extenders are that they are not much expensive. It costs between $20 to $100 and more. So anyone who generally want to share his connection over a long distance can use them.

So today I will tell You Top 5 WiFi extenders that can extend you WiFi Range.


1. HAWKING HW2R1 :- One of the best WiFi extenders available in the market, with a stunning look. It can extend your WiFi signal by 150 meters. This device generally consist of 3 antennas, one for picking up the signal coming from router and other two is to bounce it back. Secondly  it have 5 Ethernet ports, so that you can connect additional 5 wired devices to your network.


2. ZYXEL WAP3205 :- It offers a hefty 100m of extra WiFi signal. It consist of two Ethernet ports, one is use for receiving the WiFi signal and other one is for bouncing it along. But the only which can found wrong is, it doesn’t have any ON/OFF switch, so if you want to resetting the unit, you need to unplug the extender.


3. TRENDNET TEW-637AP :- A small device but with a huge power. The biggest advantage of this device is that it consumes less power than any other WiFi extenders. It can extend your signal by 100m indoor and a staggering 300 meters outdoors. It consist of only one Ethernet port, but its small size makes it easy to conceal. In short, it covers a huge area with its small size.


4. LINKSYS WRE54G :- According to me, this device is perfect for indoor use. By this you can make your signal to reach all the corners of your house, even through thick walls. It consist of only 1 antenna. The size of the device is in mid Range and seriously it provides a very strong signal.


5. BOUNCE WIFI ENHANCER :- This extender is great as it occupy less space because it is mounted directly on the antenna of your router. But the only disadvantage is that it  directs the signal in only one direction. The price of this device is $24 and it is simple to install.



So these are the WiFi extenders or enhancers which you can use to increase your WiFi range.

Thanks for Reading.

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