Apple’s iOS 7.1 update : Coming soon!

Apple’s iOS 7.1 update : Coming soon!

According to a report of  9to5mac, apple is looking to launch the first significant update of iOS 7, in March only. This update doesn’t include any new or any secret feature, the update will be released just to remove some bugs and to improve user interface.


According to the site, the new update will contain following features:-

(i) Calender App will be improved and will become more user friendly.

(ii) As we all know , in iOS 7 , user can only use a white keyboard with thin black letters on it, but in this new update user can change this keyboard to a dark keyboard by Accessibility setting.


(iii) After this new update, in the music app , the repeat and shuffle button gets a dark background when the user selects them. It looks better than previous.

(iv) If you like round buttons, this new update will give you so much, In this new update apple decided to make answer call and decline buttons round which are used to be in rectangular shape.


(v) The slide screen function which is used for Power off is also replaced with a circular button in a pill-shaped bar.

Update iOS 7.1 will also allow user the delete system update downloaded files, so the users which want to upgrade the future version of iOS 7 can save the storage space which they can use for future updates. This update shows that apple takes care of  their users and generally works on their feedback.

There will be more features that will be revealed after the update only, For which we have to wait.

9to5mac reports that Apple isn’t planning any other major surprise for the release. The company will announce the update in a press event in the mid of next month which may also be the introduction of a new Apple TV set-top box.

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Source:- 9to5mac

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